16oz Kraft Paper Ice cream Tub with Kraft Lid 500pcs per Carton

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Kraft Take-out boxes food container made of durable food-grade grease-proof and

water repellent Kraft paper.

Packing : 500pcs per Carton

Material:  Kraft Paper

Recommended for: 


Single dishes




Why choose Dragonfly Packaging?

We give great importance to the product quality of our microwavable containers most especially our Microwavable Kraft salad bowl and Kraft paper meal box.

We provide customers with quality kraft bowl for food products and considerate after-sales service to meet the needs of each customer.

  • HIGH QUALITY AND DURABLE: Our Kraft take out box for food is made from High Quality meal box paper.Made from renewable sources only. Suitable for both hot and cold foods, easy to pile, and very sturdy.
  • CHEAPEST IN THE MARKET: Our disposable food containers are the cheapest in the Market as we sell Wholesale. Great for picnics, parties and cookouts, our pro-grade disposable food box takes the stress out of serving food as disposable food box. 1 carton includes 300 pieces of kraft bowl with lid.
  • MICROWAVABLE: Our microwavable kraft bowl is Safe to use in microwave and freezer and it can withstand up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • SERVE A WIDE VARIETY OF TREATS: Our meal box disposable food containers are a great addition to your deli, cafe, Restaurants, food delivery business. Great for more than just a soup bowl, You can also use it as a disposable food tray, to serve rice meals, Appetizer, Single dishes, as Salad Bowl, Fruit Bowl, Dessert Bowl, macaroni and potato salad.
  • MATERIAL: Made of sturdy paper designed for food container disposable for easy cleanup after use.
  • LEAK-PROOF CONSTRUCTION: In addition to a sturdy construction, the disposable food container with cover features leak-Proof coating to avoid unwanted mess and spillage.
  • ENVIRONMENT SOLUTION: We strive hard to produce eco friendly food container disposable products in our packaging lab in the Ph. This disposable food box lining are made of plant-based starches. It breaks down naturally after use, great to substitute styro food pack, bagasse food container and plastic food packaging box as our Kraft Containers DO NOT emit toxics when heated.
  • TAKE OUT FOOD CONTAINERS PACKAGING: These disposable food tray is made of thick, sturdy and reliable paper construction that perfectly holds it shape. A classic plain kraft exterior to write the names of customers or customize it with your Brand logo sticker.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY AND RECYCLABLE: Save the environment! This meal box disposable food containers provide a 100% eco-friendly option compared to all Styrofoam and microwavable plastic containers.
  • FOOD SAFE: Our containers are made of the highest quality eco-friendly materials that are safe to use for the environment. Its sturdy design is built to withstand the heat from a microwave.
  • PAPER MEAL BOX 2 DISION AVAILABLE: The size of our food container is excellent for single serving but allows you to portion out hot or cold food with our optional Liners
  • DEPENDABLE AND CHIC: Take advantage of these natural color soup bowls and clear lids, you'll be happy you did!