Bagasse Container

Being conscious of the environment is very important to everyone, and we can all see it in the news, in magazines, and even in some packaging. 

With that in mind, Dragonfly Packaging, a food packaging manufacturer in the Philippines, is doing its part to make a difference. 

The recyclable materials used to create our eco-friendly packaging products can be recycled repeatedly. This indicates that less waste is being dumped in our landfills, which helps to protect the environment for coming generations. 

Use of Eco-friendly packaging in the Philippines is very advantageous for both the environment and our economy. 

By using Eco- Friendly products, Business owners like restaurants, caterers and food industry partners can see Long-term financial savings and the ability to contribute to a positive change for the environment.

Unlike Styrofoam and plastic products, All our Eco-friendly food packaging products are Toxic Free & Microwave Safe! It does not emit any toxins when heated which makes our products safe to use and good for our health. 

Eco-friendly packaging is excellent for items of all shapes and sizes and is ideal for businesses of all sizes. 

Our Kraft and Bagssse food boxes and containers are lightweight, simple, and easy to use and are made from all-natural paper cardboard material. They are also waterproof, oil proof and leak proof! 

With all of these, they are guaranteed to keep your food secure and fresh while you're on the go because of their strong structure. 

Thus, if you are looking for a sustainable way to package your meals, you can't go wrong with our Kraft Meal Boxes, Kraft Bowls and Bagasse containers.

Let your clients enjoy their favorite meals conveniently and safely with our Kraft Meal Boxes and Bowls. 

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Why choose us?

We are an Eco friendly takeaway packaging manufacturer and supplier.

Our Company is dedicated to being the number 1 takeaway box supplier in the country that offers takeout boxes for food, delivery food containers, Kraft paper takeaway boxes, Bagasse food containers, Eco Friendly cutlery that are all biodegradable and recyclable. 

These containers are made from sustainable materials like recycled and recyclable paper, sugarcane bagasse and BPA free plastics. 

Likewise, we can also customize your food packaging depending on your requirements and design.

Our takeaway food packaging products are perfect for restaurants, bars, delivery businesses, catering, or for private use.

Enjoying your favorite meals in Kraft Meal Boxes and Bowls is convenient and environmentally responsible. As they are printed with soy ink and are constructed entirely of recycled paper, these boxes and bowls are both safe for you and the environment. The sleek design of the Kraft Meal Boxes and Bowls makes them ideal for any occasion. They are available in a variety of sizes and designs to suit your needs. What are you waiting for? Savor your next meal while contributing to environmental protection!